Friday, October 5, 2012

Nurture Photography: Green/Journey and Leaves in the Yard

I was super excited to read about the Nurture Photography Challenge for Fall 2012 put on by the team of Rebecca of Bumbles and Light and Kristi of Live and Love Out Loud

This week's inspiring topics are Green or Journey. Those are the words I had in mind when photographing nature this week. 

I have a feeling that it will be a fast paced fall around here. Our yard is nonstop covered in leaves. And a good gust of wind can create a short lived rainstorm of pine needles. 

Something I love about leaves is their journey doesn't stop once they reach the ground. They still have more changing to do. 

Check out the challenge here. There are several topics to consider in the upcoming weeks. You can pick and choose when you can/want to participate. Even if you don't choose to add any photos it should be inspiring to view all the posted images of fall.

Get out, enjoy the fall weather and take a few photos for next week's topics (Yellow and Light). 

Happy snapping! :)


  1. Nature is a beautiful thing and you have an eye to catch her in between changes. I love that your leaves go from green to yellow to gold and some hints of reds and browns. Simply precious ;-)

  2. Magaly, I loved the hints of reds and browns too. So lovely! Enjoy the fall weather! Thanks for the visit and comment :)

  3. You're so right. A leaf's journey doesn't end once it falls from the tree. Never really thought about that!

    Thanks for joining Rebecca and me in the Nurture Photography Challenge. We'll be moving on to a new theme on Friday: Yellow/Light. Can't wait to see your pics!

    1. Kristi, I am so glad to reflect on the season with you!

      Thanks for your work with Rebecca in putting on this great challenge! I am already looking for yellow and light for this Friday. :) Thanks for the inspiration!