Saturday, April 27, 2013

Screen Free Week 2013 is Almost Here!

Did you know it is almost time for this year's Screen Free Week?! With all the spring time craziness I forgot to mention this amazing idea!

This year from April 29th to May 5th you can pledge and participate in a "Screen Free" Week with loads of other people who know that they can find entertainment away from a screen!

Last year
 our family had a great time using our screen free evenings working on projects around the house, playing games, going for hikes and cooking together. {find more ideas of screen free entertainment here

Remember it is all about spending time having fun with family, friends, nature, yourself... and not with technology that needs to be plugged in. If you need to use technology for work don't worry in the slightest. This pledge is for your entertainment time and will not create a strain on your working hours. And if a full week isn't for you plan a night or two of something screen free to do!

If you want to know more or find out ways to get involved head over to:

Enjoy your screen free time!

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