Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Saying no...{it can be a Positive Thing}

Sometimes one needs to say 'no' in order to simplify their day.

This month I've been trying to say 'no' every day {as inspired by this challenge} in order to not overwhelm myself and increase the mindfulness of my current actions and thoughts.

This can be anything. Making the choice of not doing something frees myself up to continue something else of value. And then I don't feel guilty for not getting to the agenda that I turned down. I say 'no' and let it go.

Most of the time it is something simple. Like no to a second load of wash, or posting on the blog, or even getting ahead on some work for my new job. And often if I say no on one day, the next day I'll say yes to that specific task. The task still gets attended to, just not with a speed that is too much for me in one day.

I've learned so far that I've can increase the enjoyment of the task at hand by not worrying about if I will have time for the next item on my to-do list. Or if I need to wait until tomorrow I can still get specific goals accomplished.

By saying no, I'm also saying no to questioning if what I am currently doing is the best way to spend my time. Second guessing uses valuable time and allows my mind to wander.  I've noticed that when I limit multi-tasking I am able to focus, enjoy, and be productive in the one activity I had decided was most important. 

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