Monday, June 10, 2013

Living a Simply-Complex Life

If you have ever poked around this blog before you may notice that I enjoy good food {and drinks}, photography, and nature. I enjoy small parts of the day and try to find ways to increase my sanity in this complicated, fast paced world. In the past year, my family has taken large steps in slowing down the way that we live.

We were living the typical two full-time working couple life style. You know, the "daily grind". Rush to work, rush back home, throw some dinner on the table and maybe a load of clothes in the wash before bed. We would jam each weekend so tight with grocery shopping, visiting far off friends and family... oh... and maybe cleaning a bathroom or two. We put off projects that would increase the quality of life in our home because we had no other choice. We had to run the race. Or so we thought.

There was loads of talking, and talking, planning, and talking... then we decided to go for it. We thought 'let's make a change, take some chances'. Take some steps that would all support a happy, healthy way of living. I'm not saying this is the only way, I'm just talking about what we decided to try and our experience. And you know what, things didn't even happen in all the ways we expected...

After rushing from college to graduate school, to first real jobs, to owning a house (and my favorite part... getting married) we realized that we never quite had time to make a home. So our "one big change" was this past school year I stayed home from work to allow us time to actually settle into our home. We had lots of questions from loved ones, and many expectations (not one month went by without someone asking if we were expecting a baby anytime soon), but also lots of love and support. We thought that this could be our new normal. But all of us know, that we may not ever truly know a "normal" because changes are part of "normal".

I'm excited to say that we've accepted a new change in our lives. I'm heading back to work this upcoming fall. A job opened up in our town... and so many things that we thought would make this "daily job world" work into the happy lives we live have now become a glimmering possibility. Not only because of the location of the job... there is so much more (but a full time job in walking distance from our house sure is nice).

I will always cherish this year I had to spend time on us, on our family, on our home. It was the best way I could imagine spending my time and I am sure that I will miss my daily routine at home. But I missed teaching and this new opportunity is what I currently believe to be the best chance for me of having both a successful professional and home life. I'm willing to give it a try. And we will see where this new "normal" takes us.

Wish me luck, I'm going to need all summer to prepare for a year in a new school... here's to possibility, sanity, health and happiness :)

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