Friday, June 12, 2015

around these parts {June 2015}

Hello there! It is really starting to feel like summer around here. I've started my break from school. Which of course means lots of classroom tidying and a list of summer-to-do's about a mile long.

There have been lots of walks. To town. On the bike path. 

Wherever we decide to go.

We went to see our niece play some softball this week- she is really coming into her own. So athletic, but still loves to play around with her uncle and a couple of friends after the games.

I'm plugging away on my third Whole30 reset. Things are going great. Only a few stomaches + a few headaches. I'm being diligent about my water intake and regular eating. The only thing that is new this time is my major vinegar cravings... as in I want all the olives and pickles. ALL. This happen to anyone else?

Our cherry tree is dripping with little treats for us. And the birds. 

So, things are pretty swell. I think I am liking this sweet June 2015. 

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