Monday, June 29, 2015

life in a studio space, my studio space {it's a process}

good morning, friends! things are humming along in the studio! i am happily {well, most of the time} sorting, finding, grouping, repairing, and all the more as i work thru the layers, containers and drawers of materials in my studio space.

once we decided we were going to dedicate a space for sewing + creating in our home i realized that i needed to work on a huge overhaul of materials. finding ways to organize and showcase what i have and all the tools i love to make with. this of course has forced me to actually find what all i own. oh my. i have very many things that could live in the studio.

so far my favorite organizational system has been moving our cash register cabinet from the study to the studio. it has so many little compartment and drawers which are just perfect for various treasures. i had loved it in the study to hold many small office supplies {staples, paperclips, etc} - and i'm saving places in these drawers for many of those items at this time too. my husband found this gem on an auction - the previous owner had already painted + updated it's look. i would love it in the original condition probably just as much as i love it green. it serves us so well.

i'm finding that just walking by this "in progress space" makes me smile. the room is so inviting - even if heading thru the doorway means i should find a home for a third spool of twine.

thankful to call this space my studio.

have a lovely monday!

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