Friday, January 9, 2015

30 Days of Declutter

A little over two weeks ago my husband and I decided to play a 'minimalist game'. We are each donating {giving away or selling} items that we no longer need, use, or find productive to our life and home.

As per the directions, the amount of things we must free from our home each day is dictated by the number of day into this adventure- one item {board game} on the first day, two items {coffee cups} on the second day... and so on. Each day there are just a handful of non-useful things gone from your home. But by the end of the thirty days it will be pretty liberating!

It is amazing how it seems so tangible to find just ten or twelve things to part with.  Maybe I'll be a seasoned pro by day thirty and finding those items will seem like no big deal at all. 

Considering a more simple home + life as part of your fresh 2015? {click here for some tips from yours truly}

*Quick idea: Recycle last year's calendar - there is one easy item to get you started today!

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