Wednesday, December 30, 2015

sometimes a little word like "do" can be pretty wordy...

At the beginning of 2015 I wrote:

"I declare 2015 the year of action. I've realized that I've had time to reflect, to savor and appreciate... years of planning, of saying "in a three to five years _____ will happen"... I am now ready for a year to put my passions and dreams into action {as well as continue to dream, savor, appreciate}.  Each day, each week I am accomplishing mini goals, important steps to be more where I want to be.  Living a locally centered life in a relatively clutter-free home while saving + preparing for the future. All of these things are on the front burner now - financially, physically, mentally. I'm feeling very much on top of my goals for 2015. 

This is all happening because I've done some great reflections, pretty in-depth planning and research. Now is the time to start carrying out my carefully laid plans.  Each day I'm reminding myself to just 'do' something."

Wow. Some amazing things happened in 2015. We. Did. So. Much. 

Home renovations, savings, buying a new home, preparing our first home for the next family who will live there... so much good stuff. I can't even list it all.

"DO" was the PERFECT word for me in 2015.

My 15 in 2015 {3/15}
2. Read.
5. Create.
6. Rest.
7. Search.
8. Learn.
11. Express.
12. Save.
13. Appreciate.
15. Do.

Now that the year is quickly pulling to a close, I have to finish up my reflections and move on.
 2015, you were just plain fantastic. Thanks for all you did.

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