Monday, January 26, 2015

Sew Lovely::Infinity Scarf

This year we've begun placing weekly "maker time" on our family calendar. It is awesome and allows us to get to a few projects that both my husband and I've been trying to get to. You know, the projects that are continually deemed not-really-important. {Isn't it funny how we can find it difficult to make time for doing what we love? That is something I'm working on this year...}

Anyway, one of my projects this month has been a simple infinity scarf. There are tons of tutorials on the internet, I'm sure you've pinned a few yourself... I just looked at a few DIY blog posts, dusted off the ol' sewing machine and went with it. 

Some of my favorite tutorials:

Infinity Scarf - Tutorial with H is for Handmade

How to Sew An Infinity Scarf 30 Minute Project with SewCreative

DIY infinity scarf tutorial with I Heart Nap Time

Let's hear it for stripes, time management, and just making!

Hope your Monday is lovely!

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