Friday, January 2, 2015

My 15 in 2015

I have been making lists and goals and drafting plans as long as I can remember {see my lists of goals from 201220132014}. I love to check off a task + to plan all the ways I could spend my time, money, energy and other resources. I love to consider options.

This year I'm going to harvest my energy and stick with some plans. Take some real actions. I have decided to continue my goals + habit plans for 2015. I love having open ended goals because it gives me the flexibility to really strive for whatever I deem most important or appropriate to me. 

I write the following 15 goals for 2015 in order to work on passions and spend my time in meaningful ways. I know that my efforts may not always have perfectly posed end results. 

I will live 2015 with the word "do" in mind. 

I will start. I will take action. I will plan and find a way to begin and then take the following steps. 
I will ask myself "what can I do to support my happy + healthy life?"... 

My 15 in 2015

1. Simplify. 

2. Read.

3. Experience.

4. Taste.

5. Create.

6. Rest.

7. Search.

8. Learn.

9. Photograph.

10. Enjoy.

11. Express.

12. Save.

13. Appreciate.

14. Make.

15. Do.

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