Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Living an Intentionally Local Lifestyle

Hello Friends! Have you been over to the actual blog to see all the changes around here? {If not, please click away:: here} You probably can tell that I've been thinking, reorganizing and giving even more thought to what my current direction of this little space is.... I realized that I wanted to give more attention to my intentional lifestyle and some of the daily work that I'm doing for myself, my home, and my family.

For years we've been simplifying. For years we've been focusing on "local" - local food, local goods, local entertainment -heck, even local brews! Some of these thoughts, trials, and triumphs have been what inspired me to start blogging! So I want to bring some focus to these thoughts once more.

This year I have a huge hope and goal to make even more local choices than I have in the past. I'm thinking about what is in our lives daily and there are still so many things that I can make myself that I'm not as of yet. Or different needs that can be met from a source that is more local to my home. {Of course there isn't something "more local" than what you create, grow, or supply yourself or on your own land - but that might be for a different post}.

If desiring to live a more local lifestyle one should make choices and use resources based on what is available locally.  It can be entirely manageable - just start small and see what is comfortable to you. Every little bit can be something positive! Think about a little something you can do today. What could you make yourself {laundry soap, ketchup or jam}? Or what is something you don't need that you know comes from somewhere far off + away? 

I'm excited to consider these topics here on the blog and get into sharing a few tips and ideas of living a more local lifestyle! 

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