Wednesday, January 15, 2014

around these parts {and on my mind}

Has anyone else settled into a 2014 funk?

Things just aren't quite what I've been expecting the past few weeks. 

Not down right awful - just not quite right.

Days are flying and the todo list isn't changing. I'm looking at my days with a critical eye that doesn't even blink. Unfortunately that can make me feel limited before I even get going. 

I'm finding ways to easily spend my time - in not such mindful or productive ways. And the funny thing is, I don't think we've had the television on in weeks. {In fact, if I'm truly being honest - this post is a way of procrastination of a different kind.} Recently I just can't get started or motivated.

And with that the time is now. 
Time to meditate. Time to take one more deep breath. And then get something positive going. 
Because 2014, you deserve it!

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