Monday, January 27, 2014

around these parts {indoors}...

Oh my. This winter. 

Can I get a "don't you know it, sister!" or maybe a "put a dry log on the fire"?

I love the winter for spending time indoors. Something cozy, calming, like...

making spaces, curling up with a great book

knitting and crafting

movie watching and wine drinking

game nights with cocoa

But really, I could take a few degrees warmer. Just enough for a quick hike with my cabin-fevered pup. Or a longer than five minute outdoor recess at school.

The great thing is, these sub zero temperatures really do limit us to the indoors for creating, organizing and cleaning {we've recently created some awesome closet storage!}. But sometimes I'm just too cold+tired to get my butt out from under a quilt to really get to anything. I think it has to do with the cabin-fevered children I hang out with all day {outside energy + outside volume = rainbow looms, clay work, watercolors, and marathon reading for my elementary kiddos... with the occasional run around the playground because the winds have died down - I mean, we're talking stilt-walking-down-the-halls-stir-crazy folks}

But lets consider the positive, shall we?

The afternoon warmed up a few degrees yesterday. We took advantage of it and made an awesomely tall snowman. Other than the fact he scared me and my pup this morning when we went outside we think he is pretty dapper. 

Hope your week is wonderfully happy!

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