Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 {A Year of Presence}

We've said goodbye to a lovely 2013...

Now onto starting a beautiful 2014.

Last year I decided to keep the word "focus" in mind when spending my time each day. Focusing on my list of goals, one special task at a time, and my current mode of social interaction. I believe that 2013 was a great year... full of achievements, but maybe not all the specific goals I laid out in January 2013. It can be difficult to complete goals when new adventures come along and drastically change the day to day life you were expecting to live. However it is wonderful. It is life.

As 2013 began to wrap up, I found myself ready to make a new list of goals and consider what I "should be doing". Something seems so refreshing about it. "New Goals" - so lofty, yet obtainable with a fresh new planner. But then the idea of new lists and goals began to weigh heavy on me. I don't know if making loads of goals should be the way for me to find success every year. But then again, it may depend on the goals. I am not certain. However, I came back to the idea of a specific word to keep in mind. I decided that would be the way to for me to start off the year of 2014.


I want this year to be a year of presence. To find myself fully present in the moment. To enjoy my current surroundings, to enjoy the others I fill my time with - while I am with them. I want to notice how I feel. How my loved ones feel. How my settings feel. Mindful of as much as possible and not just planning my next step. To be grateful of who I'm with and what I'm currently doing. To lose the distractions of extras, such as easily accessed media on my phone. To focus on the interactions of now. To train my thoughts from wandering too far and to steer them back to the present.

I am certain that 2014 will be something I want to take in, experience and remember - as many moments as I can.

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