Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014 + Hello 2015

We are wrapping up 2014. What a crazy year. 

Good things, busy things, happy time spent with family and friends. 

We had huge professional accomplishments and time where family members and friends really helped us move forward. And of course times where we really helped family and friends move forward.

Lots of effort in our home and making the most of now. Of life. Including investing and preparing for our future happiness.

I've noticed since this fall that my days have been full with making decisions and carrying out plans. I love to think things through and weigh each and every possible outcome - any and all options that are available. But for several months now I will push and say "okay, let's go". It feels right. And I believe that this is my season for putting in some work, investing energy to make my home and life be what I want. 

This has supported my selection of my word for 2015 - "do". The feeling I'm craving for 2015 is that I can make a plan and just start. Yes, to take action. What manageable steps can I take to continue shaping my days into continued success and happiness? What can I do to actually carry out the work I need to achieve goals that I have set? I will celebrate the planning and the first step as well as the completion {if and when I am able to do so}. 

Okay, 2015. I've thought things through. I am ready for you. {Oh and thanks for the fun, 2014!}

Wishing You A Happy + Healthy New Year!

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