Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Goals + Ideas of Growth {From 2012, 2013, 2014}

Love to see my "work in progress"...

My 14 in 2014

First of all, I will live the year with the word "presence" in mind. 

I will also consider the following 14 habits or open-ended goals for the year.

1. Finish {something I've already started}.

2. Read.

3. Experience.

4. Taste.

5. Create.

6. Rest.

7. Travel.

8. Run.

9. Photograph.

10. Enjoy.

11. Write.

12. Save.

13. Appreciate.

14. Start {something new}.

Did you know that I've almost finished my 13 goals of 2013? {I plan to continue my work on this list into the new year}

My 13 in 2013

1. Read 2 books each month {I'm a bit of a book worm these days}

2. Create and follow a financial plan {eliminating debt sounds like a great plan for our future}

3. Continue de-cluttering of our home {I will kick box madness out of our office and garage}

4. Runbikehike or hit the gym four days a week

5. Share 10 tips, recipes, or ideas that consider or assist with my lifestyle choice of cutting out processed & non local foods on the blog {this has been a long quest -and I'm still not quite there}

6. Take the time to travel to a "someday" place or go on a "someday" trip

7Write {write more, write often and not just on the blog}

8Garden {goodness knows that our compost pile is ready - 'grow big & grow at home'}

9. Create a desirable working space in our study

10. Run a registered 5k and continue the family 5k tradition.

11. Share about my choices and plans concerning "simple living" {share 5 tips or ideas indicating intentionality of this lifestyle choice on the blog}

12. Complete a photography challenge

13. Be mindful and creative with support given to friends and family {no matter how far apart we live}

Did you know I achieved 12 personal goals during 2012? Click on links below to read more. 

My 12 in 2012

1. Explore my cooking creativity and post about 10 personal recipes on my blog this year
2. Runhike, bike or hit the gym four days a week
3. Sew an article of clothing that I or someone else will actually wear
4. Make 12 different loaves of bread
5. Paint and decorate our bedroom
6. Register and run a 5K
7. Go on a brew-cation
8. Start and care for a container garden (hopefully not known as a "contained deer buffet")
9. Read and finish one book each month (is it bad that I'm in the middle of 5 books right now? I'm having trouble with reading one at a time)
10. Organize my box madness (this might be my husband's favorite as we have sacrificed a clean "music room" until my boxes are sorted)
11. Draft plans and a working schedule for our "backyard heaven"
12. Host a party at our home

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