Monday, January 19, 2015

Cutting Down on Sugar {Half Way thru my second Whole 30 + Coming Clean}

Okay, friends. This Whole 30 thing is trying. Even the second time through - it is a struggle. {read about the start of my last Whole 30 :: here}

I'll be honest and tell you {yes, I'm super ashamed} - I had a little break down over the weekend. I'm going to blame it on the state I was in after seeing the movie Whiplash - no joke. I jittered out of the theatre and right into a single scoop of the best + most local ice cream I could. {But really, go see the movie, it is intense so don't plan on going straight to bed - and do your best not to spoil your Whole 30 meals after the viewing}

Of course I had a ridiculous sugar crash the next morning.

Lesson learned.

I'm back on the sugar-free + narrow.

I had a big heart to heart with my husband over our {completely compliant} Sunday breakfast and we decided to just continue with our Whole 30 plans. Chalk it up to earning a deeper commitment. I guess we aren't really "starting over", we are moving forward.

We know that our ultimate goal is finding what foods fuel our bodies the best and limit the ones that don't. But we also know that once in awhile there will be times where we might indulge. We're just not going to do so during the rest of our thirty days. I am not going to let a little bit of cream and sugar sabotage me. I will also not let the date on the calendar continue to hold this mistake over my head for weeks to come. I know that I will feel that I've completed this Whole30 once I reach that feeling of "reset".

So, to help me make peace with this + to build momentum I will share a few links of recipes I've really been enjoying these past two weeks:

Easy Slow Cooker Taco Meat {From Rubies & Radishes} - love making this for easy taco salad lunches!

How to Roast Vegetables in the Slow Cooker {From Chocolate Covered Katie} - this is wonderful for a prep + forget side dish

Paleo Crock Pot Chili Recipe {From Paleo Newbie} - tonight's dinner...

and these two I've got my eye on for an upcoming dinner:

Easy Balsamic Infused Beef Pot Roast {From Just Enjoy Food}

Lazy Sunday Pot Roast {From Rubies & Radishes}

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